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60 Idiom Examples to Educate College students



Idioms are expressions which have a which means that isn’t instantly apparent from the phrases themselves. Each language has them, and fluent audio system use them casually with out even fascinated by them. However for younger college students or these studying English as a second language, these phrases might be actually complicated. Use “Idiom of the Day” classes together with your class to assist them study these expressions and get snug utilizing them.

We’ve put collectively an inventory of among the most typical English idioms, full with meanings and examples. Share these Idiom of the Day pictures together with your college students to deepen their understanding and use of American English idioms very quickly flat!

Idiom Examples To Use in Idiom of the Day Classes

1. A fish out of water

Which means: Somebody in an uncomfortable place or scenario

Instance: It was Allison’s first day at her new faculty, and she or he felt like a fish out of water.

2. Add insult to damage

Add insult to injury--idioms of the day

Which means: Do one thing to make a foul scenario worse

Instance: Studying she failed her science check on the identical day her finest good friend moved away added insult to damage.

3. All ears

All ears Meaning: Eager to listen to what someone has to say Example: The class was all ears when Ms. Ali mentioned a way to earn extra credit on the test.

Which means: Wanting to take heed to what somebody has to say

Instance: The category was all ears when Ms. Ali talked about a method to earn additional credit score on the check.

4. Ants in your pants

Ants in your pants Meaning: Can’t sit still Example: “Stop wriggling while I’m braiding your hair!” Kehlani’s mom said. “You have ants in your pants this morning.”

Which means: Can’t sit nonetheless

Instance: “Cease wriggling whereas I’m braiding your hair!” Kehlani’s mother stated. “You’ve got ants in your pants this morning.”

5. Something however

Idiom of the day: A fish out of water: Anything but

Which means: Under no circumstances

Instance: After they heard concerning the pop quiz, the scholars have been something however excited.

6. Barking up the incorrect tree

Barking up the wrong tree--idioms of the day

Which means: To be in search of solutions within the incorrect place

Instance: James thought Christopher was the one who broke the vase, however he was barking up the incorrect tree.

7. Be a fly on the wall

Be a fly on the wall Meaning: To watch something happen without anyone knowing you’re there Example: Nico wished he could be a fly on the wall when his sister discovered the toad he’d left in her shoe!

Which means: To look at one thing occur with out anybody realizing you’re there

Instance: Nico wished he might be a fly on the wall when his sister found the toad he’d left in her shoe!

8. Beat across the bush

Idiom of the day: Beat around the bush idioms examples

Which means: To keep away from saying what you imply, actually because it might be tough or uncomfortable

Instance: Don’t beat across the bush. Simply inform me why you’ll be able to’t come to my celebration on Friday.

9. Beef up

9. Beef up Meaning: To make something stronger Example: My teacher recommended I beef up my essay with stronger examples to support my main point.

Which means: To make one thing stronger

Instance: My instructor really helpful I beef up my essay with stronger examples to help my essential level.

10. Larger fish to fry

Bigger fish to fry Meaning: More important things to do Example: Don’t waste my time with silly little things today. I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Which means: Extra essential issues to do

Instance: Don’t waste my time with foolish little issues at present. I’ve bought greater fish to fry.

11. Chunk the bullet

Bite the bullet idioms examples

Which means: To do one thing that’s uncomfortable or not enjoyable and get it over with

Instance: After placing it off for a number of days, Alex determined to chew the bullet and begin work on the historical past challenge.

12. Break a leg

Meaning: Good luck! Often used in the theater before a play or performance. Example: Is your piano recital tonight? Well, break a leg!

Which means: Good luck! Typically used within the theater earlier than a play or efficiency.

Instance: Is your piano recital tonight? Properly, break a leg!

13. Break the ice

Idiom of the day: Break the ice

Which means: To do or say one thing that may make folks really feel extra snug

Instance: OK, since none of us have met earlier than, let’s introduce ourselves and break the ice by sharing our favourite ice cream taste.

14. Name it a day

Call it a day

Which means: To cease engaged on one thing and plan to choose it up once more later

Instance: After working for 3 hours on her science truthful challenge, Sofia determined to name it a day.

15. Chip off the previous block

Chip off the old block Meaning: A person who is similar to a parent in some way Example: Kayden loves to play chess as much as his dad does. He’s a real chip off the old block.

Which means: An individual who’s just like a dad or mum indirectly

Instance: Kayden likes to play chess as a lot as his dad does. He’s an actual chip off the previous block.

16. Prices an arm and a leg

Idiom of the day: Costs an arm and a leg

Which means: To explain one thing that may be very costly

Instance: A brand new PlayStation prices an arm and a leg, so that you’d higher begin saving now if you wish to purchase one.

17. Minimize any individual some slack

Cut somebody some slack

Which means: To ease up on somebody, to permit them some leeway or one other probability

Instance: Though Jake was late together with his English essay, Ms. Davis determined to chop him some slack since she knew he’d had the abdomen flu.

18. Chopping corners

Cutting corners

Which means: To do one thing shortly and badly to be able to save time or cash

Instance: Liza reduce corners on her math homework so she might watch TV, and ended up getting many of the solutions incorrect.

19. Don’t rely your chickens earlier than they hatch

Idiom of the day: Don't count your chickens before they hatch

Which means: Don’t rely on one thing earlier than it’s occurred

Instance: I do know you’re positive you’re going to get the lead within the spring play, however don’t rely your chickens earlier than they hatch.

20. Drop the ball

Drop the ball Meaning: To make a mistake Example: Aisha said she’d make the poster for our project, but she forgot. She really dropped the ball on this one.

Which means: To make a mistake

Instance: Aisha stated she’d make the poster for our challenge, however she forgot. She actually dropped the ball on this one.

21. Each cloud has a silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining

Which means: Regardless of how dangerous one thing appears, there’s often a superb aspect to it as nicely

Instance: Jamal was dissatisfied that his soccer recreation was canceled, however it gave him time to go the flicks together with his pals, and his mother identified that each cloud has a silver lining.

22. Get out of hand

Idiom of the day: Get out of hand

Which means: To turn into tough to manage

Instance: Ms. Rodriguez advised her college students they may chat whereas they labored, so long as the noise degree didn’t get out of hand.

23. Get one thing out of your system

Get something out of your system

Which means: Do the factor you’ve been wanting to take action you’ll be able to transfer on

Instance: Mr. Patel knew his college students have been desperate to check out the brand new playground gear, so he advised them to go forward and get it out of their system earlier than they began class.

24. Get your act collectively

Get your act together

Which means: Behave correctly, or manage your ideas so you are able to do one thing efficiently

Instance: After the third time he was late to class, Connor’s instructor advised him he wanted to get his act collectively and begin exhibiting up on time.

25. Get your geese in a row

Get your ducks in a row Meaning: To get things organized or make plans Example: I have so many things to get done today! I need to get my ducks in a row before I get started.

Which means: To get issues organized or make plans

Instance: I’ve so many issues to get finished at present! I must get my geese in a row earlier than I get began.

26. Give somebody the good thing about the doubt

Idiom of the day: Give someone the benefit of the doubt

Which means: To belief what somebody says, even should you’re not fully positive what they’re saying is true

Instance: Charlotte wasn’t positive Amelia was actually late as a result of she missed the bus, however determined to provide her the good thing about the doubt.

27. Give somebody the chilly shoulder

Give someone the cold shoulder

Which means: To disregard somebody, often since you’re upset or offended with them

Instance: Will and Jessica have been mad at Emma, in order that they determined to provide her the chilly shoulder till she apologized.

28. Return to the drafting board

Go back to the drawing board

Which means: To begin one thing over once more with a totally new concept

Instance: When her science experiment failed utterly, Hailey knew it was time to return to the drafting board.

29. Dangle in there

Idiom of the day: Hang in there

Which means: Don’t hand over, carry on attempting

Instance: “I’m sorry you’re having a tough day,” Lucas advised Olivia. “Dangle in there. I’m positive issues can be higher tomorrow.”

30. Hit-or-miss


Which means: One thing that is perhaps good generally and dangerous different instances

Instance: Anna was a bit hit-or-miss when it got here to remembering to take out the trash on Thursdays.

31. Hit the sack/hit the hay

Hit the sack idioms examples

Which means: To go to mattress

Instance: “9 o’clock!” stated Mia’s dad. “It’s time to show off the TV and hit the sack.”

32. Maintain your horses

Hold your horses Meaning: Slow down, stop and think about what you’re doing Example: “Hold your horses!” their dad said. “You can’t go swimming until you put on sunscreen.”

Which means: Decelerate, cease and take into consideration what you’re doing

Instance: “Maintain your horses!” their dad stated. “You’ll be able to’t go swimming till you placed on sunscreen.”

33. It’s not rocket science

Idiom of the day: It's not rocket science idioms examples

Which means: Used to explain one thing that isn’t difficult or tough

Instance: All it’s important to do is put the books again on the proper shelf. It’s not rocket science!

34. It’s raining cats and canines

It's raining cats and dogs

Which means: To rain very laborious

Instance: I hope you introduced your umbrella. It’s raining cats and canines on the market!

35. Let somebody off the hook

Let someone off the hook

Which means: To not maintain somebody liable for one thing

Instance: Logan was caught operating within the hallway, however Ms. Walker let him off the hook as a result of she knew he was late for the bus.

36. Miss the boat

Idiom of the day: Miss the boat

Which means: To be too late for one thing that’s already began or is over

Instance: Sarah needed to hitch the lacrosse workforce, however she was too late to enroll and missed the boat.

37. On cloud 9

On cloud nine

Which means: Extraordinarily blissful about one thing

Instance: When Wyatt discovered he’d gotten an ideal rating on each his math and science exams, he was on cloud 9 for the remainder of the day.

38. On the ball

On the ball

Which means: To be fast and alert, coping with issues instantly

Instance: Alice bought all her homework finished and practiced her clarinet earlier than dinner. She’s actually on the ball at present!

39. On skinny ice

On thin ice

Which means: In a dangerous scenario or place

Instance: When Mrs. Chen needed to ask Ava and Noah to cease speaking for the fourth time that day, she warned them each that they have been on skinny ice.

40. Play it by ear

Play it by ear Meaning: To figure things out as you go Example: We didn’t get a schedule in advance, so we’ll just have to play it by ear as the day goes along.

Which means: To determine issues out as you go

Instance: We didn’t get a schedule prematurely, so we’ll simply need to play it by ear because the day goes alongside.

41. Pull somebody’s leg

Pull someone's leg

Which means: To tease somebody or attempt to idiot them

Instance: No, the cafeteria isn’t actually giving freely free ice cream. I used to be simply pulling your leg!

42. Pull your self collectively

Pull yourself together

Which means: To calm your self down whenever you’re very upset

Instance: I do know you’re upset that your workforce misplaced the sport, however it’s worthwhile to pull your self collectively and go congratulate the winners.

43. Second wind

Second wind

Which means: A contemporary burst of vitality

Instance: Quinn thought she was too drained to go to the occasion after enjoying soccer all afternoon, however then she bought a second wind.

44. Spill the beans

Spill the beans

Which means: To offer away a secret

Instance: Isabella’s shock occasion was ruined when Sarah spilled the beans a number of days earlier than.

45. Take a rain test

Take a rain check

Which means: To postpone a plan till one other time

Instance: I’d like to play basketball after faculty, however I’ve bought to go house to mow the garden. Can I take a rain test?

46. The ball is in your court docket

Idiom of the day: The ball is in your court

Which means: The choice or subsequent step is as much as you

Instance: Nick’s mother advised him he might both be a part of the basketball workforce or join karate class, so he had to decide on one. “The ball is in your court docket,” she stated.

47. The early chicken will get the worm

The early bird gets the worm

Which means: Those that arrive first have the very best probability for achievement or obtain the very best issues

Instance: Grayson and Jayden confirmed as much as discover the very best seats within the room already taken. “The early chicken will get the worm!” stated Maya with a smile.

48. The elephant within the room

Idiom of the day: The elephant in the room

Which means: A big, apparent problem or downside that persons are avoiding mentioning or coping with

Instance: After ready for Joseph to clarify his vibrant inexperienced hair all by means of dinner, his mother lastly determined it was time to deal with the elephant within the room.

49. The icing on the cake

The icing on the cake

Which means: One thing that makes a superb scenario even higher

Instance: The band was excited to study they’d earned a spot within the regional competitors. Discovering out it might happen at Disney World was the icing on the cake.

50. The final straw

Idiom of the day: The last straw idioms examples

Which means: The final in a sequence of occasions that causes somebody to expire of endurance

Instance: “That’s the final straw!” stated Elena after her little brother’s ball landed in her cereal bowl. “Go play outdoors!”

51. The entire 9 yards

The whole nine yards

Which means: All the things, all the way in which

Instance: Grace and Nora went the entire 9 yards to verify Hannah’s celebration was actually particular.

52. By means of thick and skinny

Idiom of the day: Through thick and thin

Which means: When issues are good and likewise after they’re dangerous

Instance: Sophie and Chloe had been finest pals since first grade, sticking collectively by means of thick and skinny.

53. Time flies whenever you’re having enjoyable

Time flies when you're having fun

Which means: If you’re having a superb time, you don’t discover how shortly the time is passing

Instance: “Recess is over already?” stated Ben. “I suppose time flies whenever you’re having enjoyable!”

54. To get bent off form

Idiom of the day: To get bent out of shape

Which means: To get upset about one thing

Instance: I didn’t imply to step in your foot—there’s no must get bent off form about it.

55. To make a protracted story brief

To make a long story short

Which means: To offer the fundamental details about one thing as a substitute of a protracted rationalization

Instance: To make a protracted story brief, Liam tripped over his shoelace and that’s how he broke his wrist.

56. Underneath the climate

Idiom of the day: Under the weather idioms examples

Which means: To be sick

Instance: Miguel gained’t be on the scout assembly at present as a result of he’s feeling a little bit beneath the climate.

57. We’ll cross that bridge after we come to it

We'll cross that bridge when we come to it

Which means: If that downside comes up, we’ll take care of it then, not proper now

Instance: We would have a snow day on Monday, however we’ll cross that bridge after we come to it.

58. Wrap your head round one thing

Idiom of the day: Wrap your head around something

Which means: To know one thing difficult or stunning

Instance: It’s laborious to wrap your head round simply how large the universe is.

59. You’ll be able to say that once more

Meaning: I completely agree with what you just said Example: "This pizza is the best food I ever ate!" exclaimed Mateo. "You can say that again!" Dylan agreed.

Which means: I utterly agree with what you simply stated

Instance: “This pizza is the very best meals I ever ate!” exclaimed Mateo. “You’ll be able to say that once more!” Dylan agreed.

60. Your guess is nearly as good as mine

Idiom of the day: our guess is as good as mine

Which means: When you haven’t any concept what the reply is to a query or downside

Instance: “Are you aware easy methods to resolve quantity 4 in our math homework?” Maria requested. “Your guess is nearly as good as mine,” David replied, shrugging his shoulders.

What different idioms do you train in your Idiom of the Day classes? Come share within the WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Fb.

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